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Orangutan Warrior

Commission. This one has a long and difficult history, and I'm really happy that it's finally finished. It was done to, let's say, very precise specifications, which is why it doesn't really look like what you'd usually expect from me. Since I gave away the original, this was also the first time in a good long while that I had to produce something that actually looked good on paper, y'know, no scanning and fixing mistakes afterwards because it's just going on dA and Instagram anyway. Needless to say, that was terrifying.

But the fun part was that this also forced me to use proper ink and a brush for the first time in a good long while because those pigment brush pens I've been using really only work if you're going to scan the piece afterwards – they look like ass on paper. And it's kind of nice to actually have created a physical object that looks finished for once.

So I ended up doing a complete, detailed pencil drawing, something I never do anymore, and inked it on a new sheet with the lightbox so it would look clean and I wouldn't have to worry about smudging when I erased the pencils. All things considered, I'm really happy with how it turned out, and it's certainly reminded me that I need to use the brush more often because man, I love inking with a brush.

Inktober 2016, Day 30: Nixi
Hey look, an actual new drawing completely done from scratch today.

This is Nixi from my "Fairies Wear Boots" series that nobody except me seems to think is a good idea. Well, I still do, and here she is.        
Inktober 2016, Day 29: Batman
Yeah, I know I already did Batman this month, but like I said yesterday, I came across this pencil drawing from a while back and I liked it and I had to submit something today because I feel bad about all the days I've skipped, so... here it is.

Also, I really don't believe there's such a thing as too much Batman.
Inktober 2016, Day 28: Vanguard
Man, I'm failing so hard at this inktober thing this year. Anyway, this is another old drawing that I decided to ink today because, well, it's old and I still like it, so that has to count for something. The same sheet also has a pretty cool Batman on it that I might do next. Vanguard is the first boss you encounter in Demon's Souls, basically my favorite videogame of the last 20 years and the precursor to Dark Souls, 'case ya didn't know.
Inktober 2016, Day 23: Drax the Destroyer
Here's another character I've been meaning to draw for a long time and finally got around to because of Inktober. I've been a fan of ol' Drax ever since Annihilation, so yeah, I liked him before it was cool.

Not that there's anything wrong with the GotG movie.

Size Does Matter

Sat Jan 19, 2013, 8:10 AM

I think it was about seven years ago when I decided to finally upgrade from my trusty 15" LCD that had cost a fortune and was about twice the size of its actual display to a 20". Dells were already all the rage back then and not all that expensive, so that's what I bought. That damn thing has lasted until today, and the only real hitch I've ever had was the USB hub crapping out - the display still worked like on day one. That's, you know, pretty damn cool.

But the USB hub having died was a bit of a problem for me, and given that a 27" monitor would now cost a little over half of what I paid for the 15" (make unknown, by the way - I still have it, but I can't remember and the company had such faith in their future that they didn't put a logo anywhere on the device), it was getting hard to justify keeping the old warhorse around. So this week I finally splurged on a Dell U2711 27", and I've basically been sitting at my desk with a boner ever since. I guess it's just this thing where if you skip over three generations of technology, buying a new gadget feels like you've travelled to the future.

In all honesty, the new monitor is the reason why I finally got up off my butt and colored that Juri piece I posted today - I really just wanted to see what working on it would be like. Turns out it's exactly what I was hoping for. I think I've literally sliced my coloring time in half because I'm not spending half an eternity zooming in and out anymore. Set to 50%, color most of it, zoom in to 100-150%, take care of details, done.

I just might actually start posting fully colored stuff on a semi-regular basis here again. But I've said that before, so wait and see, huh? ;p

In other news, you should all be reading Storm Dogs. Really. Now. Go and buy it.

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