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Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Rey by spacehamster
Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Rey
Yeah, I know, it's real original to do a Rey piece right now, but... I haven't done Star Wars in (almost literally) a dog's age, so, err, here's Rey. And yeah, I did really like TFA.

After the mixed results of the fast 'n' loose approach with the previous piece, I opted for tighter pencils with this one - I think I'm closer to finding that sweet spot where I'm not spending more time on pencils than necessary, but enough so that I really have everything hammered down.

Pentel mechanical pencil, Pentel brush pen
Rey © Disney, duh.
Christmas Krampus by spacehamster
Christmas Krampus
Yeah, I know, the whole Krampus thing has pretty much devolved into a fad at this point, but I wanted to upload something for Christmas, and if there's one thing Inktober taught me it's that a) I actually really still like working in b/w and b) ugly is fun. So here's an ugly thing in black and white. Happy holidays, kids.
Batman PITT Pen Sketch by spacehamster
Batman PITT Pen Sketch
So I've been messing around with PITT pens, and until I figure out how to scan this stuff in a way that doesn't look like crap (which my ancient Mustek probably won't be able to do), I'll have to make do with photographing like this. The pens are pretty great, but I don't quite have it figured out yet, as you can see.
Livewire - DC Animated Universe by spacehamster
Livewire - DC Animated Universe
I think I mentioned at the end of last month that I wanted to color some of my Inktober pieces, but it turns out I'm wicked, wicked out of practice. I've been working on this thing on and off all week, and now I really just want to upload it so that I can get it out of my system.

There's so much black on the lineart that I thought coloring this would be a piece of cake, but it turned out that the skin sections were a lot harder to cope with than I expected, and the fact that her left hand is drawn about 200 times better than her right (because I had photo reference for one, but not the other, in case you can't guess) caused a good bit of trouble as well.

On the good news front, I now have a dual screen setup, and while I could rant for half an hour about how it's basically impossible to get an external monitor to work properly with an iMac, it works just fine and dandy as a toolshed with the art taking up all of the main screen. Definitely an improvement.

And besides, I'm just happy to be productive again.

4H mechanical pencil, Pentel brush pen, Intuos5/CS3.
Livewire © DC/Warner
Lineart here: Inktober 2015, Day 18 - Livewire
Full view for maximum electricity.
Inktober 2015, Day 31 - Mogwai's Halloween Mishap by spacehamster
Inktober 2015, Day 31 - Mogwai's Halloween Mishap
...and we're closing out Inktober with a Halloween illustration, obviously. I really have to say this was one of the better ideas I've had this year. Am I happy with every single piece I produced over the last 31 days? No way. But the important thing was to find my way back to a regular drawing habit, and I really needed the pressure of having to finish something every day to accomplish that. Laboring over a single piece for too long or overestimating the amount of time I'll need to draw something is probably my #1 procrastination trap. I really feel like over the course of this month, I first found my way back to my previous skill level and then surpassed it a few times. The ideas and the lines are flowing comfortably again, and of course there's nothing "magical" about this phenomenon called flow or being in the zone or whatever, it's just the result of hard work. Case in point: The idea for this one came together in about 10 minutes yesterday when I was thinking about doing something with a pumpkin for Halloween, and I didn't clock myself, but it took maybe an hour, maybe a little more, to complete today.

Now what I want to do is fix the mistakes on some of these and color them. And then there's always Bulletproof.

Size Does Matter

Sat Jan 19, 2013, 8:10 AM

I think it was about seven years ago when I decided to finally upgrade from my trusty 15" LCD that had cost a fortune and was about twice the size of its actual display to a 20". Dells were already all the rage back then and not all that expensive, so that's what I bought. That damn thing has lasted until today, and the only real hitch I've ever had was the USB hub crapping out - the display still worked like on day one. That's, you know, pretty damn cool.

But the USB hub having died was a bit of a problem for me, and given that a 27" monitor would now cost a little over half of what I paid for the 15" (make unknown, by the way - I still have it, but I can't remember and the company had such faith in their future that they didn't put a logo anywhere on the device), it was getting hard to justify keeping the old warhorse around. So this week I finally splurged on a Dell U2711 27", and I've basically been sitting at my desk with a boner ever since. I guess it's just this thing where if you skip over three generations of technology, buying a new gadget feels like you've travelled to the future.

In all honesty, the new monitor is the reason why I finally got up off my butt and colored that Juri piece I posted today - I really just wanted to see what working on it would be like. Turns out it's exactly what I was hoping for. I think I've literally sliced my coloring time in half because I'm not spending half an eternity zooming in and out anymore. Set to 50%, color most of it, zoom in to 100-150%, take care of details, done.

I just might actually start posting fully colored stuff on a semi-regular basis here again. But I've said that before, so wait and see, huh? ;p

In other news, you should all be reading Storm Dogs. Really. Now. Go and buy it.

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